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hi, hej, ni hao!

Since a young age, Fran’s south-east asian heritage and upbringing in London has fuelled a boundless curiosity to explore both 'east' and 'west'. With a background in economics, geography and fine art, she enjoys discovering the inter-connectivities between business, design and culture, whilst challenging a west-centric worldview.

Fran’s love for illustration has been brewing for some time alongside a less-creative corporate career and many contemplative cups of tea. In 2018, solo-travelling overland 14,000km along the old Silk Road, elevated her appreciation for Asia to what it is today.

Launched in November 2021, Frankk Studio creates asian-inspired projects to celebrate diversity, explore current social impacts and inspire positive change.


London-based, east-inspired.

Inspired by asia’s heritage, from Uzbekistan’s markets to Hong Kong’s skyline, we draw Asian designs for a modern western lifestyle.

With nostalgia and sentiment for asia’s past and present, Frankk Studio illustrations look to connect the east and the west.

be free, funky & proud

Like the wild and beautiful spirit in Asia, Frankk Studio designs express a state of being that is free, prosperous and thriving.


Our designs bring the best of both worlds together into harmony, like Yin & Yang, traditional & minimalist, humble & proud.


be diverse & belong

Frankk Studio strives to elevate and celebrate diversity to strengthen feelings of belonging, especially for asian immigrants.

We believe that greater cultural exploration and understanding can bring together our diverse society to realise its true potential.


connecting east & west

we celebrate cultural diversity, raise awareness and support AAPI & ESEA communities around the world

made in UK

we focus on local sourcing, design and production, balancing high-quality products and eco-friendliness


we carefully choose bamboo paper, carbon-neutral printing, recyclable and compostable packaging

let’s work together

Francesca Lau Kaikei



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